Abigaile Johnson new movie Hot Nurse is for world record.

After Abigaile Johnson made a change from porn star to a Hollywood actress, Abigaile’s first movie Hot Nurse braking the records. In the first 10 days hot nurse collected 5 million USD from US and UK market. Hot nurse release will expand from next week to worldwide it can be brake all the financial records. Hot nurse not the same kind of Abigaile Johnson xxx movies. In her portfolio more than 10 movies are just xxx hd videos. Abigaile Johnson massage video was very popular in the US porn industry. Johnson want to come out for the HD xxx videos and want to show case her talent as an actor. Hot Nurse will give Abigaile Johnson a big break from the porn industry to the real Hollywood.

Hot nurse is produced by sri divya productions a UK based production house, was mainly producing porn movies and online videos. Their first work was with Abigaile Johnson was a xxx massage HD video. The video was branded as “Abigaile Johnson massage “and this massage masterpiece video sold 3.2 million of copy in the first year itself. Based on first success on Abigaile Johnson massage, sri divya production got more confident on Abigaile and they approach an investor group to fund for their new project Hot Nurse the lead role is doing by Abigaile Johnson. Hot Nurse movie is directing by Mesoth. 

New comer Japan is showed his talent and creativity in the area of photography, Abigaile Johnson hd pics are really looks awesome in the Hot nurse film poster. The photography is captured all possible hot looks of Abigaile Johnson, the enter movie is a celebration of rich colours and its shaded sexually applied to the silver screen in a very creative manner.  

Editing is the other main highlights of the movie Hot Nurse, visual effects that applied to the movie is excellent, if you watch it closely you can understand that most Abigaile Johnson actions are done in special effects, this visual treat will be a new experience for the audience.    

The movie Hot nurse is a real hi by now. UK and US market accepted Abigaile Johnson as Hollywood actress, its good time for Abigaile, her movie Hot nurse searched 2 million in the first month in the google world-wide, that positive response from the globe, made plan from the producer side to release Hot nurse is going to display worldwide. Porn star Abigaile Johnson's experience in the porn movie is helped her lot in her first Hollywood movie Hot Nurse for to get good visual effects and erotic expressions and movements.

Story of the Hot Nurse Movie by Abigaile Johnson

The movie starts with Abigaile Johnson's trouble to get a job as Nurse in hospital, Abigaile just moved from her village to the city to get a good job as well as good pay too. Abigaile Johnson attended interviews at most of the hospitals in the city and it was difficult to get a job for Abigaile Johnson in town hospitals without a proper work experience in the nursing. Abigaile was fed up and facing hard time to pay her rent and other bills. The house owner asks Abigaile Johnson to vacate the room where she was rented. It was a big trouble for Abigaile move out from that place and she don’t have any money to get a new place to leave. 

In that situation Abigaile Johnson is not willing to move out from the house and she was standing next to the door. The house owner trying to push Abigaile out from the room, her shirt top button was open, while the house owner pushes her to movie out, his had touches her bra, and his finger go in to the bra and touch Johnson's breasts, Abigaile Johnson dont have any choice to stop him, she accepting his act for to live in the same place. The house owner understands her silence is the she accepting his act and he pulled down her bra. Abigaile Johnson closed her eyes and stand like a statue. He pushed Abigaile to a corner of the room and did a sex with her and promised Abigaile Johnson a free stay! 

The first part of the of the movie is full of a sexual act between Abigaile Johnson and the house owner. The story is diverting some areas to bring more sex in in film. A sexual act in kitchen with house owner friend and Abigaile Johnson is a different experiment in the movie, that kind of act is first time in a Hollywood movie. That is the one area shows the real talent of the film maker. 

Abigaile Johnson find a job near her house in a hospital, the doctor was an aged man, Abigaile thought it’s a safe place to work, sexual exploitation at least, but Johnson's calculation was wrong, the hospital was for sexual treatment, most of the peasants are sexual psycho maniac, to treat them sexual influence in the treatment is important. Some patients want to see the nurse in their favourite colour inner wear, some want to see as topless.

Abigaile Johnson was getting good money to do all this, that way she was happy to things for her peasants. Abigaile is known as Hot nurse in that hospital, one day a rich business man is admitted for treatment in the same hospital and doctor asked Abigaile Johnson to give him a body massage in bra. The business man getting very much impressed with Abigaile's body massage and he fall in love with Abigaile Johnson.

The movie is going to more interesting and suspense in the second half. To enjoy Hot Nurse with Abigaile wait until the reach-out to your nearby theatre. The only drawback was the pirated movie is already uploaded in torrent, the product house approached the legal department to take out the Hot nurse from the torrent.