Abigaile Johnson European born actress and model in to Bollywood.

Abigaile Johnson is a European born actress and model, currently active in American porn film industry. Abigaile was a former European porn videos actor in 2015. Abigaile Johnson shifted to America to work in the big budget porn movies in US xxx industry. Johnson has also used the filmy name Abigaile girl. She was named as New York girl of the Year in 2011, Abigaile Johnson was a permanent actress for Czech Republic porn film production, and was selected by fashionandmovie as one of the 7th top porn actress in 2012.

Abigaile Johnson has acted in European live bar shows, porn movie and TV shows. Her first mainline performance was in 2008, when Abigaile Johnson was worked as a topless model for a branded car calendar design. Johnson was part of the Hungary TV show Bad girls. She runs the Hungary TV show Lovevilla. In 2011. Abigaile Johnson made her first Bollywood entry in Riyas adult movie Janu and find the potential in Bollywood industry and went to learn acting from Mumbai acting school. Apart from the porn industry Abigaile done online web cam performance. She is famous for the poster beer girl. Since 2013, Abigaile Johnson had moved with her boyfriend.

Abigaile Johnson was born in UK, her father was born in Russia, and her mother was a British woman. When she was young Johnson was interested in belly dance and at the young age Abigaile Johnson performed belly dance for some music video in UK. Johnson family was very modern and open minded, at 16 she showed interest for nude modelling, and her parents give her all kind of support for that.

Abigaile Johnson worked with Mile High on 2012 for Angel Perverse it made Abigaile a top star in the porn industry, after the hit of her first video, she done Bachelor Party Orgy for the production house of New Climax. Abigaile’s net hit was Blow Him filmed for Hustler productions. The Babysitter sitter was made Abigaile Johnson top star in the porn film industry.  

Abigaile name was selected Brazzers production for the industry Johnson was her real name. After she branded as Abigaile, she worked for the movie " The Babysitter ". After the big hit of Babysitter Abigaile made an open contract with Evil Angel entertainment. That made Johnson. In 2003, Johnson got the award of " Pink Cat of the Year" and acted for the pink cat productions new film Slutty Girls Love Rocco.

Abigaile Johnson HD videos.

In 2017 the most selling HD videos was produced by Evil angle entertainment with Abigaile Johnson. The hard-core xxx videos of Abigaile was the hot cake for the world online porn market. A new series of Abigaile Johnson HD videos branded as “Hot nurse “ sold more than 1 million copies in 2 year’s times. After the big success of Abigaile Johnson’s Hot Nurse Evil angle produced a Hollywood short movie schoolgirl, the movie is not collected as the way Hot Nurse hit in the online market. In 2018 Abigaile Johnson’s fan club wanted her new videos, millions of people send emails to the movie production house to make new movies with Abigaile Johnson.

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Abigaile’s one of the top hot video is that her hot massage, Abigaile Johnson massage is produced by a NY based porn video maker safari entertainment production house. Abigaile’s massage video was new to the porn industry with the creative style. The film was created such a way that create interest and thrill to viewers till the end. Abigaile Johnson’s feet massage is very famous in that video. Till today 1000 of people search in internet for Abigaile Johnson massage videos.   

Abigaile Johnson movie Schoolgirl

Abigaile’s first Bollywood movie Schoolgirl was not a super hit in the box-office. As a Schoolgirl Abigaile Johnson showed her assets maximum in the movie, but the movie flop because of the poor production quality. In that movie Abigaile Johnson handle a role a of Schoolgirl, and she getting sexually assault by music teacher in the first time. The first sexual experience from the music teacher lead Abigaile Johnson to another big mistake. To get higher grade in the school exams Abigaile Johnson sexually approach her maths teacher and she understands that its an essay way to go higher. The movie full of sexual act by Abigaile Johnson to achieve her higher goals. The main attraction of the movie is Abigaile Johnson is doing sex with an old man in the movie for money. At her school hostel Abigaile Johnson acting as a lesbian too. The movie is full of fun for youth, but the production quality is not up to the mark.