300,000 people illegally obtained Kuwaiti citizenship: MP, Safa Al Hashem.

Claim come amid a recent spate of new cases where foreigners--Largely Syrians--fraudulently obtained citizenship The court also ruled that the defendant be dismissed out of his profession and cover a KD48,000 fine ahead of his deportation after serving the prison term.

"The state is a generous caregiver while education, health and other services are all free.  If there were taxation in Kuwait and the nation wasn't looking generously after its citizens, these greedy forgers wouldn't covet its own citizenship," she explained.  

Following duping the authorities, he registered his five Syrian sons as Kuwaiti citizens and sought to obtain the Kuwaiti citizenship for other foreigners willing to pay for it.

Al Hashem was speaking amid reports concerning the discovery of new instances of foreigners, mainly Syrians, who acquired the Kuwaiti citizenship via forged records often with the complicity of both Kuwaitis who had been paid for their illegal services.

"If they pursue their efforts relentlessly to snare the rats that obtained the citizenship illegally, they will find 300,000 forgers and also the number of real Kuwaitis will go back to its real level, which is around one million," she said, quoted by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Wednesday.

The court also sentenced six Syrian nationals to four years in jail for forging documents to obtain the Kuwaiti citizenship.

"When I first discussed the instances of forged citizenship, so many people refused to believe me and even accused me of exaggerating," she said.  "Now, most of us see how since Shaikh Mazen Al Jarrah was tasked with fixing the issue, forgers are being caught like rats.  I initially thought there were around 62,000 forged citizenship instances, but currently there are several facts that demonstrate that the figure is 300,000."

Investigations showed that one Syrian guy forged official documents to assert he had been a Kuwaiti national.

"I applaud the efforts of the Ministry of Interior in trapping those who forged documents to acquire the Kuwaiti citizenship illegally," MP Safa Al Hashem said.

Kuwait has been waging a merciless battle against foreigners, and their Kuwaiti accomplices, who forged their way to the Kuwaiti citizenship.

A Kuwaiti lawmaker claimed that from the 1.3 million Kuwaitis, only one million were real while the remaining 300,000 had obtained it fraudulently.

The defendants were ordered to pay fines which are double the money that they took illegally in the nation.  The six will likely be deported the court said, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Kuwait's Criminal Court sentenced a Saudi national to seven years in jail for obtaining the Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently and swindling the state of 24,000 Kuwaiti Dinars.

MP Al Hashem stated that she was fully in support of the Interior Ministry's effort to unmask citizenship forgers.

In line with this case records, the Saudi forged a formal identification card to claim he was a Kuwaiti citizen and then used it to join the Kuwaiti Navy.  He also falsified a driving permit and a school certificate to back up his Kuwaiti identity allegations.

Al Hashem, the sole woman lawmaker from the parliament, said that the Kuwaiti citizenship was much coveted for its numerous advantages and benefits.

Reported on Gulf News