14 killed at Mumbai pub fire.

The resto-bar, located at the formerly corporate area of central Mumbai, houses many upscale restaurants that had moved in over the last few decades to make it a really favorite meeting point, the Television channel reported.

The TimesNow tv news station said an artificial bamboo ceiling at the restaurant burnt quickly and dropped as people attempted to escape the flame.  Many people died of suffocation in the smoke, '' it stated.  Over 50 people were attracted to a hospital, of whom 12 were treated for injuries which weren't life threatening, said Avinash Supe, a physician at KEM Hospital.  

"There was a stampede and a person pushed me.  People were running  as the ceiling was falling in flames.  Still do not understand how I made out alive,'" Mumbai gynecologist Sulbha Arora tweeted.

She said was in the restaurant once the fire began and "until we knew it the entire place was engulfed in a matter of minutes"

A fire broke out early Friday in an upscale rooftop restaurant at Mumbai, India's financial and entertainment capital, leaving at least 14 dead and a dozen wounded, officials said.  The 1 a.m. fire quickly spread from the restaurant via a four-story construction, said fire officer Balkrishna Kadam.